After rain macros

To celebrate 1st of September, nature greeted us with an autumn storm last night. Today there was nothing but wet nature to remind us from the storm. I really like to go out after rain to shoot macros. I packed Iisa in to the Deuter backpack, gave Oona and Ode boxes to collect some blueberries into and headed into the woods nearby. It was a nice morning in nature with the kids. We even spotted a snail saying the it will be sunshine tomorrow:

Some more shots from the gallery:

For tech geeks:

Today’s shots were taken with my Nikkor 50/1.4. I had two extension rings on it (20mm and 36mm), so the total extension was 56mm. This gives a 1,27 magnification ratio and the closest focus distance is about 9cm. This is a working solution for non-moving objects, especially when there is plenty of light.

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