Spring brings out new gear

Today we had yet another sunny spring morning. For the kids, this means that they get to pull out all the spring and summer gear. Oona has fallen in love with her mother’s sun glasses. This is the outfit she had picked for school today, including the sun glasses. We just had to dig out the camera and take some quick shots.

Rest of the photos are here: http://kansala.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Antti/2014-04-16+Oona+and+Ode/

For tech geeks:

This was a 30sec setup: I know that the morning light is nice in our living room, so I just grabbed the 85/1.8 lens and started shooting. Typically I have about 2 minutes before the kids get bored.


We had a nice Saturday photo shoot with one of the neighbors, Heidi. It was really refreshing to spend some time photographing for a while. I had fairly minimalist set with me: one lens and one strobe.

We tried to get some shots with different moods and I was fairly happy with the results. The venue was not scouted beforehand, so it we were walking around finding good places to shoot.

Rest of the set is available here: http://kansala.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Antti/2014-04-13+Heidi/


In Finland we have a famous partly improvised comedy show called “Putous”. One part of the show is where the comedians perform different made-up characters. As the kids love the show, we decided to have our own show back in February! Above is one of Oona’s self-created characters. It was a really fun night!

We filmed some parts of the show with my Iphone and did a quick 20minute edit: http://kansala.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Antti/2014-02-01+Kotiputous/Kotiputous.mp4

Some more photos from the characters: http://kansala.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Antti/2014-02-01+Kotiputous/


Today was yet another magnificent winter day! The conditions were perfect for beautiful snowflakes. I had my camera along and managed to capture a few of the flakes.

Rest of the flakes are here: http://kansala.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Antti/2014-01-19+Snow+flakes/

 For tech geeks:

I used my Nikkor 85/1.8 with extension rings. This has become my trusted choice of weapon when I need to take some macros and don’t have too much time to think about the setup. Worked perfectly again.

Ironman completed!

24.8.2013 19:09 I was a happy man. I had just finished my first Ironman competition by swimming 3,8km, bicycling 180km and running 42km in 12 hours 9 minutes and 22 seconds. My target was to cross the finish line with a smile. And that target was achieved.

Props to Heikki Rusama for the photo

Below is a short story about my road to my first Ironman competition and some thoughts about the race.  Continue reading

Misty sun rise

My oldest daugter Oona wanted to have an early morning nature trip during our summer holiday. I kept on looking at the weather forecast to find a suitable morning.  Finally a beautiful misty morning was on it’s way. The previous evening we packed along some breakfast and set the alarm at 5:00 AM.

We headed out to the nearby fields in search of deer. Oona wanted to go and see them. She had binoculars along and I had my camera. I was hoping to get some nature shots.

It turned out to be even better than I had anticipated. We spotted two deer families:

And the nature was showing us some magic with sun rising on misty fields. The below is a shot of a crane (I think) in the mist. I really like this shot as it shows what the morning was like. Just magic! I encourage all of you to do these early morning nature trips! A few more photographs from the trip: http://kansala.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Antti/2013-08-03+Misty+sun+rise/