Summer creatures in September

Yesterday we received a beautiful, warm and sunny afternoon. It seemed like the nature had woken up to a summer day. The whole yard was littered with flies, bees, grasshoppers, butterflies and other creatures of summer.

The air was filled with grasshopper sound. And by being patient (not one of my strong points), I was able to spot a few of them:

Bees and flies were fighting over the last flowers of the summer:

I don’t have the faintest clue what this is, but it was growing out of a lingonberry twig:

Some more photos:

For tech geeks:

This was first time I really paid effort in trying to catch macros of moving objects that don’t allow you to get very close to them. I attached two extension rings (20mm + 36mm) to my Sigma 50-150/2.8 lens. This gave me a magnification ratio of 0,56, but still kept the closest focusing distance at appr. 40cm. This combination seemed to work alright.

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