Surly Karate Monkey bicycle for sale

I am putting my Surly Karate Monkey singlespeed 29er for sale. Long story short: I need a bike that I can ride 180km after a 3,9km swim and still run after that for about 40km…

This is a perfect bike for commuting in the Finnish weather and it can be used for mountain biking as well. A true all-rounder!

Some more pics of the ride:

If you are interested in the bike, please check out: for full specs, price and contact details.

Orange slices into water

Today was a very cold day so we were staying inside for the morning. I spent the morning fixing my downhill bike with the kids and after they went for nap, it was time to shoot some photos. Today I decided to try again some fruit dropping to water. Last time I tried it with some grapes about a year ago.

This time I chose to use orange slices and a white backdrop. I tested the setup first without water. I used the rule of having the white background about the size of the picture. That creates a 3D look to the glass with black sides:

When water was added to the glass, the water changed the game a bit. At this point I had only about 10 minutes before the kids were to be woken up, so I did not go looking for a larger backdrop. I chose to take some photos and accept the flaw of having wide dark bands on the sides.

For lighting the setup, I used two speedlights. One aimed at the background at 1/16 power and one from camera right directly at glass at 1/64 fully zoomed.

Rest of the shots are at:

Below is another favorite from the set: