Our own snowpark

For the past two months we have been building and maintaining a snow park in our yard with Ode. Today we again had a 1h session. this time I took my camera along to get some shots of Ode. The guy is developing at an amazing speed. I only wish I could learn that fast…Maybe it’s his motivation, everyday I come back from work he asks if we could go snowboarding.

Rest of the shots: http://kansala.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Antti/2013-02-20+Ode+snowboarding/

Company portrait

I was given the job of taking our company portrait during an annual gathering. We took some traditional group portraits inside, but I think this is the best one. We walked right onto one of the main streets in downtown Helsinki and blocked the traffic for a few minutes to get this shot. I really like the Finnish atmosphere that shines from it…look at the guy all the way to the right in his t-shirt in the middle of Finnish winter.

For tech geeks:

This shot had to be prepared a little beforehand. Before taking the shot I marked the places of the camera and where the people should be located on the road. It all had to happen in a matter of minutes, so as the group was walking to the premarked place, I placed the camera, tripod and the remote controller in the middle of the street. Then I ran into the picture, took some quick ones and ran back to save my camera from the still calm car drivers.