Autumn is coming…

Now there is no way to ignore it, autumn is coming. The weather is getting colder and rainier, days are getting shorter and the trees are starting to drop their leaves. I really love some parts of autumn, like this morning. It was just beautiful: sunshine after heavy rain. I think the above shot resembles the first sign of autumn on a summery green lawn. Continue reading

Surly Karate Monkey bicycle for sale

I am putting my Surly Karate Monkey singlespeed 29er for sale. Long story short: I need a bike that I can ride 180km after a 3,9km swim and still run after that for about 40km…

This is a perfect bike for commuting in the Finnish weather and it can be used for mountain biking as well. A true all-rounder!

Some more pics of the ride:

If you are interested in the bike, please check out: for full specs, price and contact details.

After rain macros

To celebrate 1st of September, nature greeted us with an autumn storm last night. Today there was nothing but wet nature to remind us from the storm. I really like to go out after rain to shoot macros. I packed Iisa in to the Deuter backpack, gave Oona and Ode boxes to collect some blueberries into and headed into the woods nearby. It was a nice morning in nature with the kids. We even spotted a snail saying the it will be sunshine tomorrow: Continue reading