Winter storm and “laskiainen” = great fun!!

Our active neighborhood organized the first traditional “laskiainen” this year. The weather was …well… very full of snow 🙂 Despite the massive snow fall, kids and adults had great fun.

The rest of the photos are at:

For tech geeks:

I had my camera in a OP/Tech rainsleeve to protect it from some of the snow. I used two speedlights to liven up the photos. The speedlights were put inside plastic bags. All of the equipment survived the weather.

I had an idea to capture the snowfall in the pictures. I tried to use the speedlights to light the snowfall and bring that out. I am pretty happy with some of the results. Here is one example:

Riding in snow

Before last Sunday I had about four weeks without being able to ride my bike at all. Despite the massive amounts of snow and soft, lousy trails, we decided to head to the local hill to get some photos and hopefully some riding done. As expected neither was that good. It was almost impossible to ride on the trails and because of that, shooting any action photos was almost impossible.

I really hope that we get some warmer days so that the trails would get harder and we could ride them again.

The rest of the shots from the session are at:

To get to the spirit, some shots from a successful photo shoot from last year:

And some from the 4x competition in Sappee:

Winter wonderland

I’m having a little flu that is keeping me from doing any sports. To get some fresh air, I decided to go to Kartanonkoski in Espoo. As it was -26C this morning and sunshine, I was expecting to find a steaming stream and so I did.

Kartanonkoski is located in western Espoo.  I found the place last summer, thanks to my neighbor who kindly showed the place. A google maps link to the place:,24.582381&spn=0.020795,0.066047&t=h&z=15&vpsrc=6&iwloc=0004b837c3c9e11446fb2.

Rest of the photos from today are at:

Orange slices into water

Today was a very cold day so we were staying inside for the morning. I spent the morning fixing my downhill bike with the kids and after they went for nap, it was time to shoot some photos. Today I decided to try again some fruit dropping to water. Last time I tried it with some grapes about a year ago.

This time I chose to use orange slices and a white backdrop. I tested the setup first without water. I used the rule of having the white background about the size of the picture. That creates a 3D look to the glass with black sides:

When water was added to the glass, the water changed the game a bit. At this point I had only about 10 minutes before the kids were to be woken up, so I did not go looking for a larger backdrop. I chose to take some photos and accept the flaw of having wide dark bands on the sides.

For lighting the setup, I used two speedlights. One aimed at the background at 1/16 power and one from camera right directly at glass at 1/64 fully zoomed.

Rest of the shots are at:

Below is another favorite from the set: