Fun snow work

We have been lucky to get new snow almost everyday during December. With Ode we have been doing some snow work and to make it a little more fun, Ode has invented this game where a push him off a jump into powder snow. Today I took my camera along to get some shots. We were really enjoying it and Ode promised to push me once he grows a little bigger!! Can’t wait!

A few more shots:

For tech geeks:

I used a remote control to fire the camera. I was holding the remote in my hand. I used my 12-24 Tokina lens. The lighting was created with two speedlights. Main light was a speedlight shot through a beauty dish. I used the beauty dish to shoften the light a little and it works fairly well even in windy and snowy conditions. The other lightsource is a bare speedlight with a full CTO gel on it. I decided to use that to make the lighting a little more interesting. The initial idea was to use it only to light the snow, but in the end I ended using it more as a rim light. I think the CTO gel worked there as well.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

For tech geeks:

This year’s Christmas card photo is shot again at our home. I used a white backdrop with a white cloth on the floor to provide a seamless background. The photo was lit with three speedlights. The main light was a shoot-through umbrella on camera right. One gridded speedlight is used to light the background and one bare speedlight is used as hair light.

Last year lighting wise it was a bit more complex, as we had a shiny box that the kids were in.  My blog post about last years shoot: and the end result:

Winter day

This has been yet another very good winter so far. We got snow in the beginning of December and it has lasted since. Today was a magnificent winter day even with some sunshine. I believe today was the second shortest day of the year. I guess the sun wanted to let us know that we are slowly getting towards summer…:)

A few more shots from today: 

Vacation at Bahia Feliz

During the darkest autumn days, we decided to head off somewhere warm. Criteria for the location were fairly simple: not too far, fairly warm, I could windsurf and no Egypt. This left only one place: the Canary Islands. Bahia Feliz is a sleepy tourist village on Gran Canaria. We chose Bahia Feliz because there is a Club Mistral windsurf rental shop right next to the hotel, there are multiple heated pools and the beach is right next to the hotel. In addition to these there are multiple playgrounds around the hotel area and many families with kids. This place just works with small kids.

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Portraits of Iisa

Yesterday we had our traditional Christmas card photo shoot at home. My blog post about last years shoot: and the end result:

When I was setting up the lights, Iisa wanted to come and pose so I took some photos of her. I think that the photo above best shows her natural, laughing expression. A couple of more shots of her:

Horse riding

My blog writing is seriously lagging behind now, but I’ll try to do my best to catch up. A few weeks ago I was shooting my god daughter’s horse riding competition. The complete set is available at:

For tech geeks:

It was a very challenging environment, with only light from the tungsten lights in the ceiling. Earlier when I have been shooting there, there has been some light coming in through the windows, but this time it was only the artificial light. I had planned to use my 50-150/2.8 lens, but had to ditch it for 85/1.8 to gain some more light with the larger aperture. It turned out to be a good choice.