First training session for the traditional “Kaukopartiohiihto”

Kaukopartiohiihto is a traditional skiing event held at Utti. The biggest difference to normal ski events is that you are using Finnish Army skis. They offer distances 75km, 150km and 300km. Last year we targeted for the 75km and 12 hours. We ended up skiing over 80km and almost 15 hours. This year we will be wiser (hopefully..) and try to aim again for 75km and 12hours. If you are interested in finding more about the event, please check out the organizers web site:

For this event we had our first training session yesterday in Nuuksio, Espoo. It was amazing weather and no technicals…so a very nice 1,5 hours of skiing in the magnificent winter wonderland where we saw more deer poop than people.

A link to a slideshow of the photos:

For tech geeks:

I had a D70 frame with the Sigma 18-50/2.8 lens along, because I wanted the combo to be able to fit into my small back pack.

Face painting

Today it was time to test the new face paints that Ode got for Christmas!! The kids really loved being painted. We gotta do this more often!

We have had some lousy face paints earlier that can be barely seen on face and you would need to scrub the paints really hard. These ones were a delight to work with. The painting was an easy job and so was getting the paint off.

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Ballerina Oona

Oona really loves her new gymnastics outfit. She would like to wear it everyday, everywhere. Yesterday we took some ballerina shots with Oona.

Oona decided to get a leaflet (she got from the ballet last year) to check out the latest moves. It was sometimes a little more difficult than it seems at first hand… 🙂

Rest of the ballerina shots:

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Beautiful first day of the new year!

If judged by the look of the first day, this year will be a magnificent year! Today we had -5C and sunshine! What else could you possible hope for at this time of the year? …well…the obvious is of course missing: SNOW

I had my camera along as we went to the local park.

 The rest of the photographs:

Happy New Year!

12 kids, all 5 years or younger and 12 adults – the ingredients for a perfect new year’s celebration. It was time for our neighborhood traditional New Year party. This time theme was Mexico and the party started with Strawberry Margaritas as seen above.

Of course the evening ended with fireworks 🙂

Happy New Year!!