Wedding of Miia and Lasse

I was honored with the duty of taking portraits of Lasse and Miia on their wedding day. They had decided to get married on the 29th of February. From early on we had the plan of shooting the portraits outside. The weather could not have been any better. The day before we had a snow storm to get fresh white snow. The wedding day was warm and sunny. A small selection of the photos: or in slideshow mode:

For tech geeks:

Lasse and Miia had picked the location in Lauttasaari. I arrived there about 1½ hours before they were supposed to arrive. I scouted to locations where I thought we could get the shots done. I shoveled paths to both locations. As there was about ½ meter of snow, I had to put a plywood board on the snow for them to stand on, so that they would not sink in. All this took about an hour. Next job was to get some fill lights setup. I knew that one speedlight would not just give enough light in the bright sun with the snow boosting up the light. I used a double speedlight setup through an umbrella. The by-passers were giving some odd looks as I was running between the camera and the location. I was not mad, I was just trying to get some test shots with the timer 🙂

The inside shots were a little more tricky. I did not have a chance to see the location before we arrived there. Once at the location, we had about 15 min to check the best place. Together with the bride and groom, we decided to shoot in a small hall. The space was so restricted that I had to use my 12-24 lens. I used two speedlights through umbrellas on both sides to give light to the space. I used one gridded speedlight to get some highlights on the bride and groom. In some of the photos where they were not in the middle, I turned it off.