Portraits of Oona

It has been a while without any blog posts…life has been a little busy lately. But today I had 15 minutes to take some portraits of Oona. These were totally unplanned. She dressed herself for swimming and I thought that she looked so good that I had to take some portraits of her.

For tech geeks:

I used two speedlights for the lighting. One through an umbrella on high camera right and the otherone was gridded to give that round backlight.


I did my first ever timelapse video yesterday. Timelapse has been something I have wanted to try for a long time. So when I bought a triggertrap dongle for my ipad, it was time to test timelapse functionality on that.

The timelapse is a 4 hour time period from our parking lot compressed into 9 seconds:



For tech geeks:

I used a triggertrap (https://triggertrap.com/products/triggertrap-mobile/) application on my ipad and a triggertrap dongle to trigger my D2x for the timelapse. The application seems to work very well. There were a few extra shots in the middle, I don’t know where and why those came. For the timelapse I used a 59s interval to shoot photos over a 4 hour time period. To compile an AVI video file from the JPGs, I used a software called photolapse.

Triggertrap contains also some other cool functions that I am looking to test in the near future in more detail:

  • triggering from sound
  • triggering from motion


1-year portraits

The above shot is from a very quickly organized 1-year portrait session. We had a few good friends over for new year’s eve when we decided to take some portraits of the soon-to-be 1-year old. I set up some speedlights quickly and we used about 10 minutes to shoot some 50 shots. The kiddo was super relaxed and seemed to enjoy being photographed. As always with kids, the window to get the shots done is only a few minutes. This time we were lucky and had almost 10 minutes 🙂

A couple of more of my favorites: http://kansala.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Antti/2012-12-31+1+year+portraits/

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