Ode through a ringflash

Some quick morning portraits of the kids. This time looking a little different. A couple of more at: http://kansala.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Antti/2011-12-31%20Ringflash%20portraits/?action=slideshow

For tech geeks:

These shots are taken with a Samyang 8mm and a Ray Ringflash adapter. The field of view for the fisheye Samyang is so wide that it shows the ringflash. I think that this creates an interesting frame. I picked this up on the web some years ago and now it just popped into mind, so I thought to give it a try.

Christmas surf

Pretty exceptional weather for Christmas: Air +7C, sea +6C and over 20m/s average wind.  With Henkka we decided to try some Christmas windsurfing. The wind was a little of a question mark: very strong, gusty and the direction was not optimal (west – north-west). We headed to Lauttasaari. When driving there, there were two fallen trees blocking the road going down to the beach. That was already starting to tell something about the strength of the wind. At the beach, the magnitude of the wind was clear. I decided that it was too much for myself. Henkka gave it a go. Enjoy!